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Can Dental Assistants Do Fillings?

Dental assistants can perform different dental procedures. Depending on the state you live in, dental assistants are allowed to remove and place temporary fillings.

But they can do this under the supervision of a licensed dentist.

To be sure, it’s best to read the laws governing state dental boards. From there, you can find exactly what dental assistants are qualified to do in your state.

Can dental assistants do fillings? If these assistants have passed a test and received a certification, then they might be allowed to do fillings.

What Other Duties Dental Assistants Can Do?

Dental assistants perform different tasks in a dental clinic. But they usually work with patients and make them feel comfortable while sitting in a dental chair. They also help in preparing patients for the procedures they’re about to undergo.

They’re also tasked to sterilize dental instruments and prepare dentist’s work area for the procedure.
During a procedure, they can act as a nurse in an operating room as they hand the instruments to the dentist. Then, they keep the mouth of the patient dry with the use of a suction hose.

After a procedure, they’ll instruct patients on how to properly clean their teeth. And if they need x-rays and lab exams, dental assistants can process them under the direction of a licensed dentist.

All lab tasks of dental assistants are performed under the supervision and direction of a dentist. For example, in making casts, they may prepare the materials. They can also create temporary crowns.

Helping Dentists

As dental assistants, they are there to facilitate dentists and make their job a lot easier so they can attend to as many patients as possible throughout the day.

Coronal Polishing

This procedure can be performed by a dental assistant. Still, it depends on the state they work. In this procedure, they remove those soft deposits from your teeth to give you a cleaner appearance of your pearly whites.

They can also apply sealant over your teeth to prevent food particles from going inside your teeth. It also prevents those bacteria that produce acid to harbor around your teeth, thereby, preventing cavities.

Fluoride application may also be performed by dental assistants. It’s a procedure that can prevent cavities from developing.

Dental assistants can perform a lot of procedures. But each of them should be carried out under the supervision and direction of a licensed dentist.

At Kenneth Hill, DDS clinic, we don’t allow our dental assistants to do fillings without the supervision of Dr. Kenneth. This is to make sure that they perform the procedure properly.

All of our dental assistants have been working with Dr. Kenneth for many years. They’re highly trained to perform dental procedures that Dr. Kenneth would ask them to. Each of them has passed all examinations to receive certification and are licensed to practice as a dental assistant.

Our dental assistants will take care of your oral health and make you feel comfortable while you’re about to undergo a dental procedure.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kenneth Hill, talk to one of our dental assistants at 702-897-7267.


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