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Fluoride Treatment

fluoride treatmentLike many other minerals, fluoride is essential to maintaining your good health. Fluoride is especially important for protecting and strengthening your teeth, as well as preventing tooth decay. Unfortunately, fluoride is not naturally present in the human body, and must be consumed as part of our diet. In spite of the fact that most cities have added fluoride to their water supply, many of use simply do not receive enough fluoride through our diet. This can lead to a number of dental health issues. Luckily, Kenneth Hill, DDS offers fluoride office treatments that can help ensure your teeth remain healthy. For more information on these treatments and why fluoride is so important to your dental health, continue reading our handy guide below.

What is fluoride, and why is it important to your dental health?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that can help protect your teeth from bacteria, as well as acid and sugar in foods that can damage your tooth enamel. Consuming the proper amount of fluoride can help replenish mineral deposits that protect your teeth. Over time, these deposits can be depleted. Fluoride helps protect your teeth, and works together with other important nutrients such as phosphate and calcium.

What is involved in an office fluoride treatment?

Though there are many over-the-counter rinses and pastes available, the fluoride treatment you will receive from your dentist is far more effective. Even if you believe you are getting enough fluoride in your diet, a professional treatment contains a high level of the mineral, and only takes a few minutes to complete. Your dentist will apply a special varnish to your teeth, and then place special fluoride foam into a mouth guard. The mouth guard will be applied to your teeth, and set for approximately four minutes. This process is completely painless and safe, and usually takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

Who can benefits from a fluoride treatment?

Virtually anyone can benefit from a fluoride treatment. While many people believe fluoride treatments are only for children between six months and 16 years old, this is a common misconception. Adults can also benefit from fluoride treatments, especially if you suffer from frequent cavities (one every year or every other year), dry mouth or gum disease. If you have had crowns, dental bridges, or braces placed, you may also be at a higher risk for tooth decay; regular fluoride treatments from your dentist can help prevent these issues.

Regular fluoride treatments are an important of your overall dental health regimen, and are essential for maintaining the condition of your teeth and gums. Most of us don’t receive enough fluoride in our diet, so treatments from your dentist are essential. Fluoride can help protect your teeth against harmful bacteria. The professionals at Kenneth Hill, DDS can perform these treatments quickly. Call our office today at (702) 897-7267 with any questions you might have and schedule your regular fluoride treatment. Our friendly staff can help you achieve a brighter, whiter, and healthier smile.