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My Tooth Cracked

You can’t avoid accidents. When they involve your mouth, they can lead to a chipped tooth or broken tooth. It doesn’t matter what type of accident you got involved in as it can put your tooth at risk of getting cracked.

When your tooth cracked, you must see your dentist immediately. It’s difficult to determine the severity of the crack and its location. Some cracks are superficial while others can extend below the gum line.

Bonding as a treatment for broken tooth

One of the treatments available to fix broken or crumbled tooth is bonding. It involves a composite resin. It’ll be sealed and filled in the crack. Bonding is cheaper than other dental treatments for cracked tooth. It also requires a fewer number of trips to your dentist.

Unfortunately, the material used isn’t as strong as other treatments for broken or cracked tooth.

Crown for cracked or broken tooth

If the chipped tooth is long or deep enough, a dental crown is more ideal than bonding. Dental crowns are sometimes made of porcelain. They’re usually chosen to cover for a cracked or a damaged tooth. Crowns restore or improve the tooth’s shape.

Unlike bonding, dental crown requires a bit more time in the dentist’s chair. You may also need to have multiple visits to your dentist’s clinic. However, it can last longer than bonding as it’s more durable. Then again, it’ll still depend on how you take care of your crown.

Tooth canal treatment

If your crumbled tooth or broken tooth affects the inside and outside of your tooth and the crack affects the pulp of your tooth, a root canal treatment is needed. When this treatment is necessary, a dental crown is required to cover the treated tooth. Before, the thought of having a dental crown after a root canal treatment is intimidating. Today, however, placing a dental crown is like receiving a dental filling. In other words, it’s relatively comfortable.

Dental implant

Most broken tooth cases can be easily treated with those options mentioned above. However, if your case can’t be dealt with as it reaches the gem-like, then it means that your tooth has to be extracted. Don’t worry about leaving a space in your mouth after extraction. You may opt to have an implant in your jawbone to replace the extracted tooth. To cover the implant, a dental crown is placed so it’ll look like you still have your original tooth.

As previously mentioned, chipped tooth or cracked tooth doesn’t always necessarily mean you have to undergo a dental treatment. However, you must immediately see your dentist to know what to do with your affected tooth. Calling your dentist immediately is necessary when you experience pain when you’re biting or chewing.

The prognosis of a chipped tooth or crumbled tooth is not always successful. In some cases, you may need to undergo more than one procedure to treat your condition. Some people may continue to experience broken tooth or cracked tooth after treatment. Thus, your dentist may decide for you to undergo tooth extraction.

Regardless of the treatment you and your dentist have chosen for your cracked tooth, it’s vital that you take care of it after treatment.


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