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Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Many times you may be tempted to ignore a broken tooth or a tooth showing signs of serious decay and put off a trip to your dentist because it doesn’t hurt. However, a broken tooth can be a serious problem, and can lead to other oral health issues, including spreading tooth decay to your other teeth. If you have a broken tooth, a dental crown can help repair your tooth and give you back the ability to chew correctly.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a porcelain cap placed over a broken or cracked tooth in order to protect it. In some cases, dental crowns may also be used to help prevent a tooth that has been weakened by decay from breaking as well. Other issues dental crowns may be used for include:

  • Restoring teeth that have been worn down from use
  • Covering up a dental implant
  • Cosmetically covering teeth that are improperly shaped
  • Cosmetically correcting teeth that are discolored
  • Helping to keep a dental bridge in place

What is Involved in Getting a Dental Crown?

Before they can place your dental crown, your dentist must first perform a thorough examination that includes x-rays. This will allow them to determine the extent of the damage to your tooth. If the damage is very extensive, your dentist may decide to perform a root canal or use a bit of filling material before placing the crown. Once this is done, your dentist will numb your tooth before filing down the surface to prepare it for the crown. Then, an impression of the tooth will be taken and sent to a laboratory where the permanent crown will be made. In the meantime, your dentist will place a temporary crown to prevent any further decay or damage while you wait for your permanent crown to be made. At your next appointment, your dentist will place using dental cement.

Cerec Machine - Same Day CrownsWe now offer the Cerec machine.  In most cases it only takes one visit to make a dental crown. The crown is actually produced right in our office. Cerec technology is a computer aided design (CAD) technology that allows patients to have their crown or caps shaped and fabricated within the same 90 minute visit. No more waiting weeks for lab work. No more second appointments and additional shots! Easy on your schedule and incredibly convenient and fast!

Cerec Machine - Creates A Crown in One DayCerec restorations are natural looking, because they are made of tooth-colored ceramic material. The ceramic material is compatible with tissue in your mouth and is anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. It allows us to be extremely precise and save more of the healthy part of your tooth.

Caring for Your Temporary Dental Crown

Your temporary crown will need some special care while it’s in place. You will need to avoid eating any foods that are very sticky (such as chewing gum or caramel), as well as any food that is particularly hard or crunchy. While your temporary crown is in place, you will need to brush it very gently, and your dentist may ask you to avoid flossing that particular tooth. You may also need to avoid chewing on that side of your mouth until your permanent crown is in place. Any of these actions could cause the temporary crown to become dislodged, or you may get food lodged underneath the crown, allowing for further tooth decay or damage, and causing you pain.

If you have a broken tooth, or a tooth that is showing signs of serious decay, it is important that you get it taken care of as soon as possible. The caring and professional staff at Kenneth Hill DDS has extensive experience placing dental crowns, and can help restore your smile to its natural beauty. Email or call us today at (702) 897-7267 and let us help you have a pain-free smile once more.