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Porcelain Onlays

Porcelain Onlays

You deserve a smile that is beautiful and pain-free. If you have teeth that are broken, fractured, or have large fillings, you may feel embarrassed to show your smile when meeting someone or having your picture taken. This can affect the way people view you, and have consequences in both your personal and professional life. A porcelain onlay restoration may be the answer.

What is a porcelain onlay?

A porcelain onlay restoration is also sometimes referred to as a partial crown. Onlays are generally used as a conservative alternative to a full dental crown to repair teeth that have large fillings that have dislodged or become defective. Less tooth structure needs to be removed before placing a porcelain onlay, which makes them a popular choice with many dentists. They are also popular with patients, because porcelain closely mirrors the look of your natural teeth.

What is a porcelain onlay used for?

Porcelain onlays are very similar to a porcelain inlay, except that an onlay is used when a portion of the chewing cusp of the tooth has also been affected. Porcelain onlays are used for a number of dental restorations, including:

  • Repairing teeth that have been broken or fractured
  • Replacing fillings that are broken, loose, or defective
  • Replacing old amalgam fillings
  • Repairing teeth with large cavities

What is involved in getting a porcelain onlay?

When having a porcelain onlay placed, you will usually need to schedule two appointments at your dentist’s office. During your first appointment, your dentist will numb the tooth and the surrounding area before carefully removing any old filling materials and decayed tooth matter. The resulting space will be cleaned carefully and then prepared. The surface of the tooth will be shaped in order to properly fit the onlay restoration. Once this is done, your dentist will take several highly accurate molds of the tooth, which will be sent to a dental laboratory where your porcelain onlay will be made. You will then be fit with a temporary filling, which will protect your teeth until your next appointment.

At your second appointment, your new porcelain onlay will be carefully checked and adjusted to ensure proper fit and comfortable bite. Once the adjustments are made, the porcelain onlay will be carefully cemented into place.

How long do porcelain onlays last?

Like many dental restorations, porcelain onlays are very long-lasting, but not necessarily permanent. They can often last several years and are very durable, but maintaining proper oral hygiene procedures can help extend the life of your porcelain inlay restoration. You will also need to maintain a schedule of regular checkups with your dentist so that they can check to ensure your inlay remains undamaged and firmly in place.

If you have a broken tooth, cracked or damaged filling, or a tooth that has a large cavity and want to check and see if you are a good candidate for a porcelain inlay restoration, Kenneth Hill, DDS can help. Email or call us today at (702) 897-7267 to schedule a consultation appointment. Our professional and experienced staff can help restore your smile so that it is healthy and pain-free once again.