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When Do Dentists Use Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration. They are placed over a part of your teeth. In the case of dental implants, they are applied at and above the gum line.

They are not like a dental filling that only fills a portion of a tooth. A dental crown becomes the outer surface of your tooth.

To restore your tooth, a dental crown is permanently cemented into the right place. You need to care for it just like you care for your natural tooth.

When should they be placed or used?

For some dentists, dental crowns should be placed immediately after a root canal treatment. This is to avoid the treated tooth from cracking. In dental implants, dental crowns are placed when the area has been completely healed.

Generally, dental crowns are added depending on the situation.

Your dentist may suggest adding of dental crowns for several reasons. Two of the main reasons they are used will be to repair and strengthen your damaged teeth. This is especially true after a root canal treatment.

Another reason they are used is to improve the overall appearance of your teeth, like the color, shape and alignment.


Also known as dental caps and tooth caps, dental crowns are made of different materials. Some crowns are made of porcelain or other types of dental ceramics.

Dental crowns can also be made of metal, like dental alloy. Or you can have a porcelain-fused-to-metal cap.

All-metal dental crowns are made completely out of metal. They are long-lasting as they are very strong that can endure the heaviest biting and chewing forces. They also don’t chip. But they don’t resemble that of your natural teeth. Hence, they are placed on areas where they can’t be seen prominently when you smile.

Delaying the placement of dental crowns can be a good idea. However, in most times, it could make the matter worst. That said, it is best to talk to your dentist of when a dental crown should be placed.

If your tooth is already broken, you will need a dental crown right away to avoid the condition from leading into a more complicated condition. This will also prevent you from losing your tooth.

When your dentist insists on placing dental crowns immediately, you must make sure that you understand why they are needed. Dentists act based on your condition. Placing a crown when you badly need it comes with benefits.

Nevertheless, dental crown placement is performed with reasonable justification. Your dentist will explain to you why you need them.

When should you have dental crowns?

There are several situations that require your tooth to be restored with the placement of dental crowns.

When your tooth has a cavity or it is fractured involving half the width of your tooth, the area must be covered with a dental crown. The reason for this is that the remaining part of your tooth becomes weaker making it more prone to fracture.

On the other hand, if a larger filling that’s been there for a while may need to be replaced with a crown when it shows signs of cracks or stress around the filling.

After a root canal treatment, your tooth is hollowed out. The remaining tooth will be prone to cracking. That said, a tooth that underwent root canal treatment always needs a dental crown immediately to prevent it from fracturing.

A dental crown is also needed when you’re experiencing a cracked tooth syndrome. It is a condition that causes pain when you chew in a certain way. Chewing can be stressful to your teeth making you feel like your tooth is falling apart.

With the use of a dental crown, it will hold your tooth together. It also redistributes the stress evenly. As a result, the pain will be eliminated, in most instances. To make sure that the pain goes away, it’s best to leave a temporary crown to the affected area.

When you have broken cusps, a dental crown may also be necessary. During chewing, the cusps are parts of your tooth that will take the most stress. When your tooth breaks to the bone, your dentist may suggest a crown-lengthening procedure.

This type of procedure will include trimming down of your bone and gums below the fractured part of your tooth. In this way, the merging of the cap will be placed on a stronger tooth structure.

Wearing of teeth

If you’re experiencing excessive wearing of your teeth, your dentist may recommend placement of dental crowns. Wearing of teeth happens because of acid erosion as caused by a lot of conditions, like bulimia and GERD.

When there’s too much acid in your mouth, the enamel wears away completely leaving you with small and soft teeth. This will result in your bite to collapse. The restore the teeth properly, they must be covered with crowns to increase your bite.

Improve appearance of teeth

If you don’t like the appearance of your teeth because of their shape or color, dental crowns can be placed. Dental crowns in this condition are made natural to make them look like they’re your natural teeth.


Unfortunately, dental crowns can be too expensive. But Dr. Kenneth Hill offers options that will make dental crowns affordable. Dr. Kenneth will explain to you the pros and cons of each option. But the final decision will be yours. Dr. Kenneth will not suggest a dental crown if it’s not necessary.


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