What are Dental Sealants? 

Dental sealants are usually the main helper for child’s teeth better condition, for dental sealants are thin plastic coatings which are applied to the chewing surface of the molars or back teeth because they are usually the easier to be decay. These dental sealants acts as the protector for your child’s teeth for they cover the upper surface of the teeth to prevent bacterial organisms reach the tooth shell. Every sealants application can usually last for five (5) to ten (10) years and it must be regularly checked for a better outcome and sometimes be reapplied if they are longer in place.

What is the main purpose of these Dental Sealants?

This powerful Dental Sealants are made available by Dr. Hill to help your child avoid infection of their tooth’s surfaces. These dental sealants are colored coating and placed on the weakest spot of their tooth or on top of a pre-existing filling. By sealing their teeth, infectious organisms cannot reach the vulnerable part of their teeth. This was one of the dreams of Dr. Hill to help patients avoid more costly or invasive procedures in the future and make them acquire the healthier dental condition. So do not let you child suffer for great pain when their teeth become decayed, if you feel like Dental Sealants really needed by your child, therefore, do not hesitate to make actions and visit us to prevent any disappointing effect in the future because as the sayings said that “prevention is better than cure”. We are always available during business hours. We will be glad to assist you and count you as one of our valued customers. See you there!

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